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Latin kiss

Latin kiss

kiss. verb noun /kɪs/. (transitive) To touch with the lips or press the lips against, usually to express love or affection or passion, or as part of a greeting, or as part of sexual activity. +26 definitions.

 · A Latin equivalent of the English word 'kiss' is basium, which means 'a kiss'. Another Latin equivalent is osculum, which literally means 'a little mouth' and loosely is translated as 'a kiss'.

There are several words for "kiss" in Latin: basium, suavium, and osculum are all nouns meaning the act of a kiss.

 · Besos: The Latin American Kissing Culture 😽 NatashaTheNomad 01/07/ So I heard about the Latin American culture of kissing as a way of greeting, but for some reason, I still imagined it as an occurrence between people who knew each other well - friends, family, maybe even ted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Latin words for kissing include osculatio and ausculatio. Find more Latin words at !

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  1. Latin words for kiss include osculum, suavium, savium, basium and suaviolum. Find more Latin words at !

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